As is well known all interesting inventions are born at the interface between different sciences. Specialists of various areas of science unite their efforts, and as a result, bright and unusual discoveries appear.

Multilayer composite materials are the most dynamically developing segment of science and technology.

And we have learned long ago how to make equipment for the production of multilayer pipes, but by joining forces with specialists in the field of plasma, we created a new technology, a new generation of equipment and a new generation of metal-polymer composite pipes with high resistance to delamination.

The new pipes are strong, lightweight, flexible and welded using inexpensive fittings.


A key element of modern composite technologies is the surface. Its structure, energy and topology determine the properties of the product (corrosion resistance, hardness, chemical activity) or, for example, the quality of the junction, if it is carried out on this surface.

It is for this reason that we pay special attention to the activation and modification of the surface. The ability to manage the properties of surfaces is the key to successfully solving most technological problems. It is the ability to control the properties of the surfaces of multilayer pipes that allowed us to reach a new technological level.

Treatment by ion beams and plasma are modern methods of active action on the surface. The surface properties can also be modified by thin film deposition.

We develop all technologies for tailoring of surface properties:

1. Formation of nano and micro relief in a spark and glow discharge plasma;

2. Ion implantation and ion-diffusion saturation of the surface with doping elements;

3. High-performance ion-plasma coating methods.

The development of modern technologies is a science-intensive task which requires the efforts and knowledge of highly qualified specialists. We have combined a team of engineers and scientists from various countries to solve these problems, able to offer our customers new technologies, high-tech equipment and new technical solutions

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